The Fall Winter 2016 Collection is a mashup of shapes and volumes, fabrics and finishes that mirror contemporary streetwear, with ethnic influences and an urban lifestyle edge, all the while bringing on an androgynous style revolution.

Contrasts and reinterpretations are merging the most subversive elements of an everyday elegance counterculture: femininity emerges in all its shades, inspired by the charms of Japan and its plays on geometry, a menswear rigor softened by draping and asymmetries, by the androgynous sensuality of a new urban explorer and the metropolitan landscape and by the exotic influences of a cool African style.

The urban dimension is also the ideal haven for the new men’s collection, balancing avant-garde features and craftsmanship: technological and technical in its outerwear, casual and folk in its broad lines and warm, enveloping fabrics, virile and sensual choices of color and slim fits, refined and contemporary.

The new collection awaits you in stores and online.