Romantic yet bold, useful yet pure, minimalist yet rock ‘n’ roll: the new Fall Winter 2017 Collection embodies Sisley style in all its glory, playing up on contrasts and blending inspirations.

Women’s style leans towards a low-key elegance in lace, with tails and micro biker patterns, all the while without passing up on past and present mixed with sixties charm and folk and bohemian edge. We make our way to tartan, flowers, colorful faux fur, knit blouses and flowy dresses, warm shades and blue-tech features. That active spirit also takes form in technical parkas and versatile contemporary traveler outfits.

For men design goes a long way through activewear and minimalist looks, with an eco-friendly flair: low-impact technical layers, destructured coats, 3D sweaters and mindful contrasts with modern and timeless elegance. Alongside the nylon parka with technical zip and boiled wool duffle coat is a macro check cape, as British tartan proves to be the perfect style while refined modern suits provide an elegant finish.